Manufacturers, importers, distributors and trading companies can advertise here their best and latest products and show them to the 240,000 partners in the world of and to 8,500 big companies and to 6,500 associations

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 – you can post a banner linked to your home page (€ 250 per Year)

 – you can post a movie with a link to Youtube or Vimeo or your website (€ 300 per year)

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-you can insert a post with a direct link to your pages. (€ 200 per year)

– you can post a movie with a link to Youtube or Vimeo or your website (€ 250 per year)

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You can post a banner (€ 200 per year) or a movie (€ 250 per year)

 For most of the Countries you do not need to pay import fees, duties or VAT (Valued Additional Tax). However, for some limited countries such as Germany, UK, Italy and Canada may need to pay duties or VAT according to your countries’ levyng rules.

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